What metal should you choose while deciding which vent cover, grill covers, or registers?

Modern living cannot be imagined without air-conditioning. As it helps not only maintain the temperature but also well maintains the pleasant aura in our homes. Although we don’t see the mechanism of the air conditioning or heating that is hidden behind the walls or under our floors, what appeals to our eyes is the beauty of the grill cover that perfectly blends with the other interiors of our rooms.

Even though designing one’s room might seem as an easy task. Finding the perfect Vent cover does take a little more than a few clicks.

So here is a little guide to help you out with the process.

When you are buying the Air return vent for your HVAC system, make sure you don’t go for something cheap like plastic or die cut sheet. Instead go in for something richer, bolder, something that will last you longer and leave all the guest visiting your house in awe. Try looking for solid materials such as copper, bronze, iron, oil rubbed bronze, cast aluminum or steel. Heat vents and Air return grills are available in these materials and are sold across USA and Canada.

Let’s get into some more detail. Which color best suits you style, well you must be seeing the basic browns and blacks, or for more richer finishes the oil rubbed bronze, antique or the natural looks. I specifically here wanted to focus on the very popular color option; white. So, what makes white powder coated finish so special is that it is your canvas. You can re-paint this vent to your liking, to match the surrounding color, texture or pattern of your wall, your style and your very own design.

Now here is where most people get confused. What metal should you choose while deciding which vent cover, grill covers, or registers? So, let me give you a brief run down. As some metals are stronger than the others, your choice here more depends on the use. If you are looking for something strong for a high traffic area and want a weight bearing metal then definitely go in for Steel. If you are a proud owner of a heritage home and want to preserve the antique look, go in for a the Bronze metal Grill / Vent as it gives a more traditional and rich natural look.

Most people go in for Aluminum as it is more affordable, durable, heavier unlike the ones that are simpler and found in every home, as they can be easily found in almost any hardware store such as Home Depot, Canadian tire, Walmart, Leon’s, Renos and on Amazon. Aluminum vents are durable, easy to clean, cheaper than other metals and the best part is that they are made out of recyclable metals and give you the clean look you want and are also long lasting. Also, as these vents are made out of aluminum the chances of corrosion are bare minimum.

If you don’t find a vent, grill or register that suits your style, design or size. These huge ecommerce websites such as ETSY and Shopify have some great shops which offer custom handmade vent available to your specification. All you need to do is just select and click.

Happy Home Décor Hunting!!