Measuring vents

Looking to buy a new Vent? But not sure which one is the best for you or how to find the perfect size. Look no further?  

Whether you are planning to replace an existing vent cover or browsing through the various sizes of vents at homedepot or checking out our latest designs to fit your luxurious home. You would need to figure out a size for your new register.

One of the most common mistakes people make when measuring their register or vent cover is that they start to measure the overall length and width of the existing register. Oops! Isn’t that what I am supposed to be doing. I mean what else are you supposed to measure??

Don’t worry you are not the only one measuring your grill this way!

But now that you know this is not how you should be measuring your register’s size, let me tell you the correct way to do this.   

What you will need: Measuring tape, screwdriver, pen/ pencil and paper (or just call out to Siri to make a note) I usually do that.


Step 1:

Start by removing the existing vent cover from the place it is installed.  

  • If your grill is on the wall or the ceiling, you might need to keep a screwdriver handy.
  • Unscrew the vent covers on the wall, floor or ceiling
  • Floor vents can simply be lifted out of the duct and kept on the side


 How do you measure vent cover duct size

Step 2:

Get a measuring tape!

Use your measuring tape to measure the length and width of the duct opening in the wall, ceiling or on the floor.

Note: It’s best to record in inches since most of the registers available online follow that practice. It is important that you note both length and height that is the width or your grill for accurate dimension’s.  

 measurement for custom size vent covers


Step 3:

Now you know what to do!! Shopping!!

Time to buy a new vent and wait for it to arrive.

Or if you already have it then match the opening of the duct to the size of your register or grill and simply install it in place. Make sure you measure the length and width of your specific grill.

 Vent covers unlimited dimensions how to install floor registers grill

Now the next question you might have in mind is…..How to install a register?

This is a simple process,

For floor registers, you need to simply install your register/ vent in the opening area in your floor. You may notice that most all floor registers come without holes. Whereas a vent on the wall might come with a packet of screws and 2 holes in your vent. This is because gravity holds your floor register in place. So, no need to worry about it displacing from it’s location. All you have to do is place your grill in the floor opening and you are done!

As for wall and ceiling registers, need to be secured with screws. Some wall registers might also be held into a wall by clips or springs. Depending on the manufacturer. You may notice that some big grills come with holes and screws, this is to provide added security for your registers.  

Checkout our step by step guide to discover the best size, dimension and design for you!

As you are familiar registers, vents or grills (Whatever you like to call your HVAC unit covering), comes in a few specific sizes.