Floor vent covers custom handmade It is essential to surround ourselves with the best talent. This talent will take us forward
The Company has based its team creation on this adage.

So on one hand if we have young vibrant Business Degree Holders, on the other hand our oldest Artisan is with the Company since inception. The casting team is led by an Expert with more than 35 years of experience! He may not present a very new age professional look but give him some raw material and a challenge!

“Is someone else doing it? “ pushes us towards the next challenge. This allowed us to come over the very challenging requirement of a large grill ( 2 mtr long) with load bearing capacity.
A very heavy hinge with a specific over lap became yet another challenge which we loved to undertake….and over come. We have been able to maintain a fine balance between age old tested techniques and new machine based requirements. This gives us a unique advantage of blending the fineness of machining with the care which comes with personal touch.