Get to know: The process behind your Custom Grills

Looking to change that old looking vent in your home but not able to find the right size. 

 | “The finest steel has to go through the hottest fire.” ~ Richard M.

It is time to upgrade that old looking rusted grill in your home. You get to Homedepot Vent Covers, Registers & Grilles section but do not find the size you are looking for. Well look no further. We got you covered. Registers and Hardware makes any sized vent and Grill Covers in Solid Cast Aluminum, Cast Bronze and Steel.

What do you need to do? 

Just send us your duct opening measurements and we will take care of the rest. You may check our guide on how to measure your duct opening size to avoid any issues later here

 So, how are your Custom Vents and Air Return Grills made?

 We start by working with our in-house designers to craft your drawing and send it to you for approval. Upon receiving your approval, we make a wooden mold in the given size that is handcrafted by craftsmen, to be further taken into the process of manufacturing; which involves casting the pre-cut metal plates into the required size. After the long casting process comes drilling the required holes in certain areas in the grill. The mold is then used for sand casting in metal followed by final finishing.

 Once the metal grill is ready, it is taken into filing. This process is also done by hand, where every piece is filed to smoothen the edges in the design area. After filing comes the process of surface grinding, wire brushing, and pad buffing. The final process comprises Powder Coating your Grill in the color of your choice- Black, White, or Brown.

And there your grill is ready to be shipped to you.