Solid Bronze Leather covered Round Bathroom Towel Ring-6"

Bathroom Towel Ring-6" made in solid Bronze with Bronze patina finish covered with original Napa leather

The beauty, strength, and forever lasting feature of Bronze makes it the most desirable metal.

Architectural bronze is a metal alloy that consists of 85% copper and other metal alloys (tin, zinc, and nickel). The higher the level of copper the higher will be the resistance to corrosion.

The natural bronze finish is a LIVING FINISH that changes over time with the environment, climate, surroundings, and level of use. The finish ages naturally resulting in a unique patina and an overall ultimate finish.

Comes with a LIFETIME WARRANTY for the metal part.

A textured surface of casted bronze architectural hardware is offered with natural bronze and bronze patina finish The color of weathered/aged finishes will continue to evolve over time and can verdigris in different climatic conditions. You should be aware that in most natural environments, verdigris is to be expected and results from the chemical reaction of sweat, dust, or changing weather conditions on metal. If this is not the result you want on your hardware, please discuss with us for giving more information on the advantages or disadvantages of other alternatives.

*Bronze is a classic material – Timeless and yet so changeable